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  1. 2015, Gelatin Silver Print

    9,3 x 13,7 cm

    Edition of 10

    Chamois Paper

  2. The following sum of images marks the start of my photographic work, which stems from an ever-expanding, self-built archive. This archive contains a collection of autobiographical memories that often show intimate scenes explicitly related to my everyday life.

    The photographs were never intended to form a body of work. To me it was merely a manner of getting to know my instrument; a way of obseving the world around me through a lens.

    Black is the colour concerns a time in my life which, in a linear sense, is over.
    The process of printing and placing the photos gives me the oppertunity to translate the love entangled in this time into tangible work, thereby turning it into a past I can embrace.

    All photographs were taken around Aberdeen, Scotland 2014

  3. Black is the colour book (2017)  
    sold out

    26 x 18 cm | 22 pages | Japanese binding
    Numbered & signed, edition of 50 | Self published
    Photography and binding | Aalt van de Glind
    Book design | Gunter Gruben‚Äč